Aeration & Soil Treatment

Aeration & Soil Treatment

A healthy lawn starts with good soil. Get the greenest grass possible by investing beneath the surface.


Get the best value for your dollar, while saving water, and money! Rather than removing thatch Aeration decomposes it providing an organic fertilizer. Aeration allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to directly reach the root zone. Maximizing fertilizer results, decreasing runoff, saving water, and creating a more sustainable environment for your lawn. This simple affordable service can have a huge lasting impact on your lawn’s health. The Utah State Extension Service highly recommends to have your lawn aerated at least once every year twice in heavy clay soils. Prices are based on the size of your lawn, since no two yards are the same please fill out the contact form or give us a call for a free personalized quote.

Soil Conditioner

Rejuvenate your lawn by returning organic micronutrients and enriching the soil, which in turn creates beautiful healthy lawns. An incredible lawn begins with good soil if the soil doesn’t improve neither will your lawn! Annual applications help sandy soil retain water and nutrients, while clay soils become more porous saving water and fighting lawn disease. Our all organic complex materials have been broken down through nature’s process to nourish your soil for a great distribution of minerals and nutrients. The soil beneath the surface will literally change and re-invigorate itself…making it the healthiest lawn possible.

A Hassle Free, Worry Free, Beautiful Lawn!

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