Lawn Fertilizer, Weed, and Grub Control

Lawn Fertilizer, Weed, and Grub Control

To have your grass looking its absolute best, we offer fully inclusive fertilization packages. Individual applications may also help your lawn short-term.


Fertilizer Program

Want a green, weed free, healthy lawn all season? Our comprehensive fertilizer program is the best around, and our weed free guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction. We use the perfect combination of all natural organic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides to feed, protect and sustain your lawn all year. Each of our kid and pet friendly applications are specifically formulated for the time of year it’s applied, no two applications are the same. Our state licensed and EPA certified technicians are the best in the industry, so whether you are in need of a single application or season long care we have the best products and service available!

Grub Prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure! White grubs are one of the most prevalent and destructive bugs in Utah County. By the time you notice them, parts of your lawn are already dying, treating them is 70% more expensive, and requires multiple applications (one to kill the adults, and a second weeks later to kill the larva after the eggs hatch). During the treatment process the grubs continue to eat and kill your lawn causing the damage to get worse before it gets better. Afterwards you’re left with ugly dead spots in your lawn.

However there is a solution, for pennies on the dollar we can prevent the infestation from ever happening with our top of the line, long lasting grub prevention formula. This application is performed in early May before grubs are active, giving you a 90 day protection. Solving the problem before it ever begins with no dead spots!

A Hassle Free, Worry Free, Beautiful Lawn!

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